Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween: Who Are You?

For this post, each blogger created and emailed Mrs. Yollis a jpg image of them posing in their Halloween costume.

Rather than using a boring image of them standing in their costume, each student tried to create an image that told a story about who they were.

Next, students could choose to write a descriptive paragraph about the costume or use the photo as an inspiration for a creative writing piece.


By Taylor S.

Rachel the Referee

I am Rachel the Referee and in this pose I am giving a time-out call in a championship football game. It is a professional game for the Chargers versus the Ravens. I put bold, black sunglasses on so I don’t show too much personal imformation. In the picture, I am one of the best referees in the U.S.A. That means I get to officiate at the Superbowl. I became a ref, so I could observe people play one of my favorite sports. I long for the Steelers to win. Even If I’m rooting for them, I ref like I don’t care who wins because I want to be fair.

By James

Walter the Werewolf

Ohhhhhhhh! I’m Walter the Werewolf, and I’m planning on scaring the town kids. Besides my scary, harry face, I ordered the Scary Potion from Wendy the Witch. She is very talented with blending Halloween potions. If the potion works, the trick-or-treaters are supposed to run into my Werewolf Skyscraper. There I will steal their candy and devour it whole! I hope it works, or else I’m getting a refund from that Wendy. So, beware of the kids who will be dashing to my Werewolf Skyscraper. Who knows, they might be sprinting by you!

True story. (not) Brought to you by Wendy the Witch. Money will be refunded if potion doesn’t work.

By Taylor G.


I am Hermonie from Harry Potter. Here I am wearing my black school robe, my beautifully carved wand, and my snowy white owl, Hedwing. I was fighting a wizard plant called Devil Snear. I wasn’t frightened, but I think Hedwing was. Here are some things you should know about me. I am friends with Harry Potter, and I am looking toward to Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. I am out of time, so I’ll see you at Hogwarts!

By Shane

Ned The Nerd

I am Ned the nerd from Nerdland. I have a dorky white shirt, green and white plaid pants, weird glasses, dark blue suspenders, and beige and brown ugly shoes. My hair is pushed to one side to make me look nerdy. What I am holding is a black briefcase and a LA Dodgers pen which I travel with to school in the morning. In this pose, I’m thinking about solving a math problem. I am writing down the answer on a white piece of paper. The problem I completed is 52 x 3 and I got 156. I adore being a nerd who can't wait for school tomorrow.

By Clementine

I am Alexis, a fierce attack-girl for lacrosse. Scoring goals is what I’m best at. At the end of a my fast-moving game, I am black and blue all over, exhausted, and covered in sweat. Right now, I am fighting a defender. Even though laccrosse is difficult, it’s the perfect sport for me. At the end of a long game, I race home and have my mom make me an ice-cold lemonade drink. I love the action-filled game of lacrosse!

By Lexi

The Angel Dressed in White

Once upon a foggy night, every thing was quite a fright.
But they weren’t as good as they might have seemed.
Jill was the person who received the dreams.
But really they were nightmares that made her scream.

Why were those dreams so bad you ask?
Because sending dreams was Alyssa’s task.
Alyssa did not know she was making the dreams bad,
But it was Jill who was getting really sad.

Then another misty night,
Jill saw a little glimpse of white.
And that glimpse of white she knew,
It was Alyssa, the angel that flew.

“Stop giving me bad dreams every single night,”
Exclaimed Jill who was getting uptight.
Then Alyssa cried, “Okay. Okay.
I will take the bad dreams away."

"I will give you dreams that are good,
Then you will sleep well, like you should.
So I will see you tomorrow night.
I’ll be the angel cloaked in white!”

By Emily

Danny Dracula

I am Danny Dracula from Transylvania. What I am cloaked in is a traditional Halloween night outfit. No, I don’t drink blood. I gulp red fruit punch so people believe that I am drinking blood. On Halloween night I trick-or-treat with the regular kids. Some of them think I am a real vampire and some think I am an imposter.
Do you think I am an actual vampire?

By Bethany

Alice in Wonderland
Alice’s dress is sky blue with puffy sleeves and white lacing. In my photo, I am gazing through the thick hedge, and I am astonished at the Cheshire cat with his broad grin that I see on the other side! I turned away from the camera so I would not reveal too much personal information. It looks like I am interested in what's on the other side!

By Matthew

Grassy Green Rocker Guy

Grassy Green Rocker Guy is a professional rocker who just performed the best concert of his life. He rocked his famous song, The Galaping Green Thing, for his finale. His pose shows people that he’s having a fantastic time. His future concert will have more colorful lights. His rectangular stage will rotate and rock up and down. Grassy Green Rocker guy's audience will be through the roof with excitement. He expects to have the biggest, best Halloween concert ever!

Benny B. Banana
By Jonah

Hello. I am a banana, and I’m delicious. Actually, I’m not. I taste horrible. Please, don’t eat me!

As I was saying, I’m a banana, and these are my best friends: Aaron Apple, Oliver Orange, Penny Pineapple, Sammy Strawberry, Lenny Lemon, and Greg Grapefruit. Don’t we look outstanding together? Pineapple and I both have super cool sunglasses! Is that awesome, or what? I have other terrific friends also, but that doesn’t really matter at this time.

Did you know that I’m famous? You don’t believe me? Ask other people if they know about me, and other bananas. They’ll say yes.

Then you’ll know. After that, you can spread the word everywhere about me and I’ll be famous world wide!

If you’re wondering why we’re all standing here, it is because we have a beautiful band called, “Fruit That Rocks” and everybody wants to take perfect pictures and get autographs from us. (You should buy our awesome albums). Our best selling song is, “Livin’ on a Tree,” written by Aaron Apple and me. It has a similar melody to, “Living on a Prayer.”

I’d like to talk more, but we’re about to get interviewed by Sir Chicken, a kind food who is the manager of a show called, "Ask the Chicken." We're discussing our newest album called "Invasion of the Veggies." Have a nice, fruity day!

What do you think of the images?

Which paragraph or story did you enjoy and why?


  1. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I love all of the costumes. The one I love best is the one that is dressed up like a nerd. If you were younger what would you be for Halloween?

    Your student,


  3. Dear Mrs.Yollis
    I love Jonah's costume! I have never seen anybody dress up as a banana. A banana is not very scary. I was thinking he would dress up as someone scary.

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis' bloggers,
    I am very impressed with your interesting, thought - provoking images and your well written descriptions. Although I don't like to choose favorites, I am very partial to the Alice in Wonderland photo because of how Bethany is peering through the bushes and Jonah's Benny B. Banana posing with an assortment of fruits! As far as writing goes, the scintillating sentences, apt adjective, and vivid verbs that you all used really showed me, not just told me, about your characters. I especially enjoyed Emily's use of the word cloaked, Clementine's use of the word action-filled, and Lexi's clever use of rhyme.
    Kudos to all of you!
    Mrs. Ranney

  5. @ Kayla,

    I loved all the costumes, too. I especially like that the students posed in a special way that gave us a clue as to who they were without revealing too much personal information. That is important when posting images on the Internet!

    If I were to dress up I think I would be...a cowgirl. I always liked watching westerns when I was little. :-)

    @ Mrs. Ranney,

    WOW! What a fabulous comment you have left for my students! Thank you for taking the time to read their clever stories, to explore their purposeful images, and then post such a thoughtful comment! I know they will appreciate your kind words!

    You're the best!
    Mrs. Yollis

  6. Dear Alice in Wonderland,

    I think your pose is so great the way you peeked through the hedge.


  7. Dear Banana Man,

    Your costume is awesome. I like how you put in all the other fruits. I also like how you made up all of the names. Do you have any other fruit friends?

    (Mrs, Yollis' student)

  8. Dear Green Rocker Guy,

    I love your green costume and when is your next concert? What are the new colors of lights you're putting up? Try and find my costume on the new post later this week. Here's a hint, I am a wizard or a sorcerer.

    ? person

  9. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love Taylor's costume. It is very pretty with the black and white strips.


  10. Dear Hermonie,

    I have read 1-3 and am on the fourth book of Harry Potter.

    I like how you put Hedwig in the picture. How were you doing on the Devil Snear. I hope you relaxed. That is what saved you in year one. But you needed to get Ron out of it.


  11. Dear Rachel the Referee,

    I have the same costume as you, and I long for the Steelers to win because I'm a big fan.


  12. Dear Grassy Green Rocker Guy,

    I like you because you are a green rocker and green is my favorite color. Green used to be my jersey color in sports. Also I think your costume is fantastic.

    I'm going to be a skeleton with a scary mask. My costume is black with bones on it.


  13. Dear Bethany,(Alice)

    I love your Alice costume. I was going to be the Queen of Hearts. They're making so many Alice in Wonderland costumes. My sister is going to be the smiley cat.

    Scarlet Rae

  14. Dear Taylor S.,

    I love your costume. I like how you posed like you were calling a time out. What would you choose if you had to pick between a rock star costume and the costume you are already in?

    (Mrs.Yollis' student)

  15. Dear Werewolf,

    I like your picture. Those treats are yours. The costume is spectacular and so is your pose! Nice doing the picture at night. Rule the candy.


  16. Dear Mrs.Yollis,

    I like all the costumes that you posted. I especially like the banana man and the nerd. Are you going to dress up.

    Your student

  17. Dear Taylor,

    I love your referee costume because it looks very nice. It looks very pretty on you. I like it so much that I even want it. But it looks good on you.


  18. Dear Taylor S.,

    I love your costume Rachel the Referee. My friend is going to be the same thing this year! I like the pose you did. I am going to be a Girl Boxer for Halloween.


    (Mrs. Yollis student)

  19. Dear Jonah,

    I like the way that you dressed up like a banana! It's cool how you got a fruit background from the internet to match your costume. It was either the back up or the sunglasses that blocked your face...can you please tell me?

    Mrs. Yollis' student,

  20. Dear Matthew,

    I like Grassy Green Rocker guy. He is so cool I wish I had that costume. I wonder, is that a real guitar?

    Mrs. Yollis' student

  21. I am very much a Harry Potter fan so I will have to go with the Hermione costume. I own every one of the DVDs and cannot wait until Half-Blood Prince comes out the first week of December. We are participants in the Blog Challenge and are completing challenge 8 Count out Three. Please visit our blog

  22. Dear Grassy Green Rocker Guy (AKA Matthew),

    Cool hair dude! I'm jealous of those flowing locks.

    You'll have to post your tour dates so we can all follow you on the road.

    You took a great picture, showing off your rock and roll attitude. Sydney and I really like your rockin' style.

    Is that your blue guitar or did you borrow it from a pro axe master?

    (Sydney's Dad)

  23. Dear Mrs.Yollis,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. To anser your question you left on my blog the fish were in side the ice alive moving slowly. I don't thing they lived that long because it was so cold though. My faivorite costume was the werewolf. Because I have never seen somebody dress up as a werewolf!


  24. Hi! my name is lucy and I live in atlanta !!! I have a fifth grade blog too!

    I hope you have nice week!


  25. Dear Mrs. Yollis' Class,
    Thank you to all those people who voted for me and my banana costume. You guys rock!

    If I had to pick a favorite costume other than mine, it would be the werewolf. A few reasons why, are that the picture looks great since it was taken at night, there is no personal info at all, he has a nice pose, and there are very descriptive words in the writing.

    "Have a nice fruity day!" Do you remember that line?


  26. Dear Walter the Wolf (James),

    I love your creativity to dress up your little furry dog. He almost looks real! Did you take him trick-or-treating with you? I think it is hilarious the way he is posing.


    Jodie, The Horse Lover

    (From Mrs.Coro's Fifth Grade Class)

  27. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I really like all of the costumes. They are so cool. My favorite is Grassy Green Rocky Guy, and I like the color green.



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