Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fraction Fun!

Mrs. Yollis' class earned a pizza party.

It was a perfect time to think about eating fractions.

We had four whole pizzas!

The pizzas were sliced into twelfths.

That meant we had many twelfths!

To be exact, we had forty-eight twelfths.

Some students chewed one twelfth.

Other students devoured two twelfths.

Two twelfths can be simplified using factors.

Here see for yourself!

If you don't remember what factors are or you'd like to practice your division facts...

Venn Factors is a fun way to review factors.

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Do you see fractions in your house?
Comment about them!


  1. Dear Class,

    What a great way to learn other techniques to sharpen your fraction skills and to devour yummy pizza!

    Great job,
    (Taylor's dad)

  2. Wow! What a fantastic way to learn about fractions! It sounds like you all learnt a lot and had fun. The pizza looks yummy!
    From 2KM and Miss McGeady

  3. Dear Class,
    What great fraction skills you have. It looks like some yummy pizza. I love pizza and I hope you like it too.


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