Monday, February 25, 2013

U.S. History and Government ~ Quiz!

Mrs. Yollis' class has been learning about 
 United States history and government!

We have focused much of our learning
on our country's most important documents...

The Declaration of Independence

The United States Constitution

The Bill of Rights

 and on the 
three branches of our government.

Watch the slide show below and study for our test at the same time!

The Good Old U. S. A! on PhotoPeach

What interesting facts have you learned about our government?
What facts can you add about our government,
  our nation's symbols,  or our nation's monuments?

What facts can you share about the famous Americans: 
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin? 


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I have some facts about George Washington! My first fact is that he was on the was on the One dollar bill. My second fact is that he was the first President of the United States of America. My last fact is that he fought for America and lead the Americans to victory in the Revolutionary War!

    I challenge you to comment back to me and give me facts about Benjamin Franklin because he is my favorite.



    1. @ Peter,

      What a fantastic comment, Peter! You have capitalized your proper nouns like Washington and Lincoln. Super job!

      I accept your challenge. Ben Franklin is one of my favorite Founding Fathers. (The Founding Fathers were the men who helped set up our country after the Revolutionary War.)

      Ben Franklin was a great inventor. He invented the bifocal glasses which I proudly wear. In addition, he invented the lightning rod. This great idea prevented homes from burning down after being hit by lighting.

      Franklin was also a great writer. I challenge you to find out some of his best sayings!

      Your proud teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for replying to me!

      I accept your challenge. Here are two of Ben Franklins best quotes. By failing to prepare, your are preparing to fail. Another one is, three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

      What is your favorite Ben Franklin quote?



  2. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I love to learn about history, it is one of my favorite subjects. I remember the bill of rights we the people and the declaration of independence.They all were so important in our history.
    My teacher gave me a blog and I would really love if you wrote a comment.
    In Mr.Avery's class

    1. @ Ari,

      Thanks for dropping by our blog! I will check out your blog and share it with my students!

      How has the weather been for you? I see that you've had many storms!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and students,

    I am jealous of what you all are learning. U.S. history is one of my favorite subjects! I used to take my students on a virtual field trip to D.C. via google to show them the different buildings where I government makes decisions.

    One of my favorite facts about our nation's buildings, is the underground tunnels between the legislator's offices to the Capitol. They created these tunnels so that the legislators could safely travel to the Capitol for their meetings. When I visited my roommate worked for a Congressman, and took me from his office to the Capitol via the tunnels. Can you believe they had Starbucks coffee available in one of the shops down there!

    What would be the place in D.C. you would most like to visit?

    Be well,
    Ms. Peyrot

    1. @ Ms. Peyrot,

      Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving such a fabulous comment!

      I had heard that there were tunnels connecting some of the D.C. buildings, but I've never been in them. In fact, I've never been to our nations' capital! :-(

      If I went to Washington, D.C., I would want to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Monument. Did you see any of these special places?

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Thank you so much for publishing the video! Since you published the video, I think I will do great on the test. :)

    The executive branch of the government is held in the White House with the President. Speaking of the White House, did you know that there are 132 rooms in the White House. Also, it is 170 feet high.

    Would you rather visit the White House, the Capitol, or a monument in Washington D.C.?

    Your President loving student,

    1. @ Abbey,

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the quiz! Actually, Mrs. Ranney put it together, and we are sharing it! We often share responsibilities as I'm sure you've noticed.

      You asked which building I would like to visit, the White House, the Capitol, or a monument. I'd be very interested in seeing the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Monument.

      Which would you like to visit?

      Your America-loving teacher,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

  5. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I am a real big sports fan. Did you know that there used to be a baseball team that played in Washington D.C. until 1961 called The Washington Senators? They moved to Minnesota and changed their name to the Twins. In 2005 a new baseball team moved to Washington D.C. and are called The Nationals. There is also a hockey team that plays in Washington D.C. called the Capitols. All of those team names really fit Washington D.C.

    I wish I was president and lived at The White House. When the president wants to go somewhere, he can get in a helicopter which parks in his backyard.

    Enjoy your learning.


    Evan (Bryce's Dad)

  6. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,
    Original copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are located at the National Archives building in Washington D.C. It is open to the public and a highlight of visiting Washington D.C. The documents are under protective glass and viewed under low lighting. This is to protect these important documents from aging and getting ruined.

    I have a fun fact about George Washington I learned when I visited his home at Mount Vernon. He was so admired after the Revolutionary War against England that people who served under him wanted to make him a king! However, George was strongly against it and explained that although an honor, he had just fought England in opposition to the king and his government, so he did not want that type of government here. He did accept becoming our first President though!


  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    Oh yes. I have a lot of facts for you. I will have facts about George Washington first. People started calling him king but, he said president was better. He also liked animals and made his staff brush his horse's teeth. George Washington was the only president never to live in the White House.

    Now I will add some facts about Thomas Jefferson. Thomas had a pet mocking bird. The mocking bird took food from his lips. His house, Monticello, was designed by himself. He invented the folding ladder. He also Brought Ice cream and macaroni to America.

    I even have some facts about Abigail Adams. She was the First lady of John Adams. Another thing she did was hang laundry in the unfinished east room. She was the first First lady in the White House.

    It was a amazing post from start to finish. I loved how you made a quiz with a video. That helps us learn in the way that you teach us how to learn. There are three branches in the government. The legislative, judicial and the executive.

    Do you know Thomas Jefferson's favorite flavor of ice cream?



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