Thursday, October 16, 2014

A GREAT Assembly!

This week we enjoyed an entertaining, yet purposeful assembly!

Mark and Obediah from Razzle Bam Boom are talented musicians with an outstanding message!

They introduced their five strategies to being a “G.R.E.A.T.”TM student.

Photo by Mrs. Grubb

G.R.E.A.T is an acronym. 

(ak rə nim)
  1. an abbreviation formed from the beginning letters of other words and pronounced as a word

Here is what G.R.E.A.T stands for:

Goals – Know what you want to do.
Retry – Don’t give up. Try, Try Again
Excel – Always do your very best.
Attention – Focus on the most important things.
Train- Practice until you are GREAT.

What GOALS have you set for yourself?

What will get your ATTENTION?

How will you TRAIN?

Thank you, to the PFC for making this awesome assembly possible!


  1. Dear Mrs. Yollis

    First my goal is to get A+ on all my tests for third grade. To get good grades I have to study every subject a lot. Another goal of mine is to play piano better. To play piano a lot better than before I have to correct the wrong notes in my pieces. Another goal is to get better in swimming. I can get better in swimming if I practice more. All those things will make my mom happy.


    1. @ MIchael,

      Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! It is like you are one of my students! I feel lucky. :-)

      You have set some lofty goals for yourself! To earn an A or A+ requires hard work and dedication. Although grades are important, what is most important in my mind is that you are doing your best. If you are doing your best, you are learning and developing good habits.

      What is a piece you are learning on the piano?

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs Yollis,

      Thank you for saying that I am in your class. It is really nice of you to respond to my comment. I like my third grade teacher, but she doesn't have a blog for me to comment on. I think if I try to write every day, then I can improve in writing. I always try to do my best in school.

      Right now, I am learning to play Clowns By Kabalevsky on the piano. Have you ever heard of this song? It has a lot of stacattos which makes it fun to play.


  2. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    One of my goals is to get better at violin and piano. Every Saturday I have a violin lesson for one hour and then a piano lesson for one hour. Another goal for me is to get A+'s on all my subjects. I study and I also do this program online called IXL. It gives me math problems, and I have to answer them correctly. I'm also reaching a goal to not be picky with my food. I want to try to eat new foods. Sometimes when I try new foods, I like them, but other times I don't.

    What goals have you set for yourself?


    1. @ Hannah,

      Thank you for being a part of our blog! Like I told your brother, it feels like you are part of our class. I like that!

      Your house must be a place that is always filled with music. Do you ever play violin duets with your sister? Are all of you in the orchestra?

      I have set a goal for myself, and it is a musical one. I am going to learn how to play the ukelele. My mom gave me an old one, and I am determined to learn how to play it.

      You mentioned that you are trying to not be picky with food. How is that going?

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Y♥llis

    2. Dear Mrs Yollis,

      Thank you for saying that it feels like I am part of your blog. I really like your blog and it is fun to comment on it. My house is a place that is always filled with music. Sarah accompanies me by playing the piano while I play the violin. Last year we played together in the orchestra. Now Sarah moved up to a different orchestra because she plays better, so we are not together anymore. This year, I also moved up to first violin.

      I remember when I wrote that I was trying not to be picky with foods. Trying new foods is hard. First, I tried peanut butter, and I hated it. Then I tried spaghetti with tomato sauce and I kind of liked it. My mom wants me to eat some salad, but I only like the cucumbers. Are you a picky eater too?

      We saw a lot of people playing the ukulele when we went to Hawaii. Is it hard to learn?


  3. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I've been waiting weeks for Halloween. Halloween is when kids and maybe adults go around the neighborhood and dress up in costumes and get some free candy! I can't wait for Halloween because this year we are putting up decorations and I'm dressing up as a watermelon. The watermelon costume is a dress with a watermelon and the costume comes with watermelon wings and watermelon glovetts. Today my housekeeper and I went outside in our front yard to decorate my house. It's now spooky looking, covered up in spiders and pumpkins and Halloween decorations! My favorite thing about Halloween is dressing up in costumes and trick~or~treating! Hope you all have a spectacular Halloween and hope you get a lot of candy but make sure you are not stuffed up with candy.

    Kayla :]

    1. Dear Kayla,

      I am also looking forward to Halloween. You have a very interesting costume, and I am sure it would look good on you. On Halloween, we will have a costume parade at Bay Laurel Elementary School, and I am going to be a pirate with a patch and long black hair. When I get home from school, I go to swimming class. Our coach always does something special like relay races with pumpkin on top of your head. During the relay, you have to balance the pumpkin while sitting on the kick board and swimming across the 25 meter pool. The winner gets a candy treat. My favorite candy is skittles.

      Does your school have a parade for Halloween?
      What kind of candy do you like?

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    One of my goals is to be a basketball player and get into the NBA.
    My second goal is to get good grades in all my subjects. I am trying to focus on my two goals and achieve them.
    I practice basketball with my brother and I play in a league.
    I read books and practice schoolwork at home, and on the computer. I hope that I will achieve my goals.


    1. Dear Liron,

      This is Michael your next door neighbor. It is really fun having you come over to play basketball. You are really good shooting half courts. Maybe you can soon win your older brother in basketball. One of my goals is also to get good grades in school. What is your favorite subject in school?


  5. Dear Mrs.Yollis and friends,

    Few weeks ago my mom and I went to Party City to get my Halloween costume. I am going to be a police officer this year. My costume has a fake brown gun and handcuffs with keys.My favorite part of Halloween is trick or treating with my family.I can't wait to get dressed up and see my friends in their costumes. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween this year.


  6. Dear Mrs.Yollis and class,

    My goal is to get better at listening. I have trouble paying attention in class. I am going to try to look at the teacher all year and listen to what she is teaching. Another goal I have is to get better at reading. I am going to read a lot of books every week. Another goal I have is getting better at baseball. I need to practice my hitting. I am going to practice every day until I am good at it. I also want to get better at basketball. I practice shooting with my brother after school, and on the weekends.I also am going to try to get better at math. I am going to practice on the computer. I think all of my work will help me this year.

    From, Joshua

    1. Dear Joshua,

      My name is Hannah and I am also in third grade. I am 8 years old, and I go to school at Bay Laurel. Its good that you have a lot of goals. One of my goals is also to get better at math.

      What books are you reading now? I just finished The Witches by Roald Dahl. I really liked this book, because it is a funny book. Now I am going to start reading Shiloh. My brother read it and really liked this book.


    2. Dear Liron,

      This is also your next door neighbor because I am Michael's sister. I like your goals. My favorite one is when you are trying to get good grades on all your subjects. That was one of my goals too. Do you have a lot of homework when you get back from school? Who is your favorite basketball player?



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